Sometime vs Some time vs Sometimes

One of my students asked me to explain the difference and uses of these words so I thought this might be useful for readers of my blog, so here is a breakdown of them.

Sometime is an adverb and is written as a single word. It refers to an unstated time in the future

“We should go for a drink sometime.”

“I will do my homework sometime this week.”

Some time is an expression, written as two words, that refers to a period of time.

“It was some time before he realised his friend wasn’t coming to the party.”

“He waited for some time, but the train never arrived.”

Sometimes is used to describe something you do only occasionally. Not often but now and then.

“I sometimes drink wine with my meal.”

“I never eat meat but I sometimes eat fish.”

Can you give me an example of something that you sometimes do, or perhaps something you’d like to do sometime ? What do you like to put aside some time for?

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5 thoughts on “Sometime vs Some time vs Sometimes”

  1. Thanks for the explanation. That clears the doubt I have. Is this similar to in term and in terms? Here’s the example;

    – Sometimes, I like to create a demo website just for fun.
    – My childhood friends suggest that we should go jogging sometime.
    – I like to put aside some time for language learning as currently, I’m learning Spanish.

        1. Ah ok, no problem.

          We use “in terms of” to talk about something regarding something. It’s often used in business when discussing cost.
          “We measure customer satisfaction in terms of happy customers rather than profits”

          You can also use it as “in…something…terms”

          “In cost terms, this is very effective”

          I would generally not use “term” (singular) in the same way.

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