Everyday expressions

Since I started teaching English back in May 2016, I’ve met a lot of great students, worked on a number of different teaching subjects and learned a lot of marketing tips. The most valuable of those I learned from someone I consider a master in the field, Jack Askew of¬†https://www.tofluency.com/ As well as an excellent site for learners, he also assists teachers to develop an online business. One of the best pieces of advice involves the need to specialise¬†and though I’ve not achieved that yet, I have started focussing on two specific areas, Phrasal Verbs and English expressions.

A while ago, I released my first book, 25 Phrasal Verbs for Everyday English, and I’ve since started working on a course to offer students interest in learning about these offline.

I have also developed an interest in English expressions. Slang, Idioms and other phrases, particularly those used commonly in British English. I began posting an Expression of the Day post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but found a lot of my audience don’t follow me there so I started work again, collating 15 of these expressions into a neat handy-dandy pdf file, so my second ebook was born.

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