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Since I started teaching English back in May 2016, I’ve met a lot of great students, worked on a number of different teaching subjects and learned a lot of marketing tips. The most valuable of those I learned from someone I consider a master in the field, Jack Askew of https://www.tofluency.com/ As well as an excellent site for learners, he also assists teachers to develop an online business. One of the best pieces of advice involves the need to specialise and though I’ve not achieved that yet, I have started focussing on two specific areas, Phrasal Verbs and English expressions.

A while ago, I released my first book, 25 Phrasal Verbs for Everyday English, and I’ve since started working on a course to offer students interest in learning about these offline.

I have also developed an interest in English expressions. Slang, Idioms and other phrases, particularly those used commonly in British English. I began posting an Expression of the Day post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but found a lot of my audience don’t follow me there so I started work again, collating 15 of these expressions into a neat handy-dandy pdf file, so my second ebook was born.

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