Expressions using the word Head. Part one

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Parts of the body are used in many idioms, expressions and phrasal verbs. Here are some related to the head.

Head off – used to state you are starting a journey

“I’m just heading off to the shops.”

Head out – similar to head off but used specifically to express you are leaving a place.

“I’m about to head out for a drink.”

Head (direction) – often used when giving directions to mean travel. Directions can include up, down, left, right, straight etc.

“Head down High Street, turn left then head up King Street.”

Head over – this is also a direction and suggests the place you are going to.

“I’m going to head over to my friend’s house.”

Heads up – used as a warning, either if something is being thrown or if someone in authority is approaching.

“Heads up! I’m about to throw this ball.”

“Heads up, the teacher is coming!”

Head of – this means someone is in charge of something.

“He is the head of the company.”

Head up – similar to Head of, this is the action of being in charge of something.

“He is heading up a new project.”

Watch out for part 2, where I get my head round idioms using the word head.

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