Below is a selection of testimonials from students over the last 2 years.

"A year ago when I relocated to the UK I needed a good English tutor and particularly a British native speaker. After our first lesson I noticed that Craig has proper English pronunciation and we continued to study. Thanks to his individual approach and placement assessment tests he immediately identified my English level and it was a starting point to improve my language. He helped me with my own targets like interviews and business correspondence and he also has his own approaches including structured programmes on different topics. All lessons were provided without delays and were well-prepared. I also should say that my English level for this year has significantly increased and even locals now comment on my good pronunciation. So, nevertheless whether you have targets on not, he will quickly recognise your current level and needs to structure your future lessons! Thank you for your help and attitude to students!" (Evgenii - Russia)

"He is a very friendly and professional tutor, I did enjoy his classes and he helped me a lot for improving my English skills. He is open to any kinds of English questions. I believe he would fit for students with wide range of English level. He also gave me tons of tips for settling in UK. I am very happy that I found him for my Tutor!" (Karen - South Korea)

"Craig is a wonderful and competent teacher! I had some difficulties with speaking and understanding the speech of native English speakers, but he speaks slowly clearly and to use words phrases and expressions that are common and easily understood. If you are interested in a complete English learning experience - Craig is the right choice!" (Polina - Russia)

"Craig is a very friendly person and a great teacher. I am absolutely happy with his lessons. I learn new vocabulary, grammar and speaking. During the class, I can choice what I want to learn. he is very patient and he always gives me clearly answers my questions. I really recommend Craig !!" (Magdalena - Poland)

"I'm absolutely happy with Craig's lessons! He was teaching me business English. Under Craig's guidance, I've learnt a lot of new vocabulary. I've also discovered a lot of new things about business etiquette of the English speaking countries. Craig uses visual explanations and etymology effectively; these really helped me to memorize difficult verbs and phrases, in particular, phrasal verbs. Also he taught me how to prepare cover letters, CVs, resumes and so on. He is an easy-going person and the lessons were really engaging. I would recommend Craig everyone who wants to improve one's level of business English (or English in general)." (Olga - Russia)

"Craig is an excellent teacher, very patient. Besides he is very punctual. Our classes are very pleasant, I've bought 20 hours and I intend to get more in the future. He uses a website called off2class which allows him to rank your English level, to assign homework and to have lessons. I really do recommend Craig." (Tiago - Brazil)

"I've studied English with Craig for over months, and I am very happy that I've found a perfect tutor. He's very patient, punctual and fun to talk with. You will not only enjoy time with him, but also improve your English significantly." (Jinhee - South Korea)

"Craig is a very competent teacher. The lessons are interesting and cover a variety of topics. Craig is a very cheerful and helpful. He is punctual and reliable. In my case, it uses the program off 2 class. I can recommend this teacher with conviction." (Aleksandra - Poland)


"Craig is one of the best teacher I have ever had (maybe because he is also a good person)" (Paolo - Italy)

"Craig is a great tutor, he is very polite, punctual and cheerful! Classes pass in a good atmosphere, during the class a student is able to make a free choice, which section of English he or she wants to study (grammar, conversation, idioms etc). I recommend Craig for those who needs a good speaking practice and who wants to expand a grammar knowledge." (Rostislav - Russia)

"I loved my trial lesson with Craig, we had a great chat. He is a very interesting and easy going person. I recommend him :)" (Estefania - Argentina)

"Craig is friendly and smart teacher and interesting person. He uses for our lesson a special website. Craig helped me to understand that English is not terrible and I overcome the language barrier. I recommend this teacher." (Gala - Russia)