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Most…with a noun

Most is used with nouns to mean the majority of

  • Most orange juice comes in cartons
  • Diane enjoys most soap operas

NOTE: We don’t use the most in this way

  • I go to the gym on most days
  • I go to the gym on the most days


If talking about the majority of something we use most +noun

  • Most soft drinks contain sugar

If talking about the majority of a specific set of something we use most of the + noun

  • Most of the soft drinks at the party contain sugar

Most of..is used when talking about geographical names:

  • Most of Europe uses the Euro as their currency.

Most… without a noun

When the noun is obvious, we can leave it out of the sentence with most.

  • My friends couldn’t decide which pub to go to. Most wanted to go to McClaren’s


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  1. Sergey avatar

    Most of the things here in this article are very useful. Thank you!

    1. knifesedge avatar

      Most of my students think so 🙂