Welcome! What’s happening?

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So this is the first official post of this shiny new blog connected to my Knifesedge TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) website.

I’ve got a few things planned for it and I hope you’ll follow, subscribe and most importantly comment with any questions and feedback.

Blog Posts – I’ll be posting new content when the mood takes me, maybe discussing grammar topics, answering student questions, prompting things to talk about and all kinds of “stuff”

Videos – I’m still kind of new to video production but my hope is to post videos, both for existing students and newcomers to the site. I hope to cover a range of topics, but the first series I’ll be working on initially is slang, in particular British Slang. These will be short videos, ideally under 1 minute , to teach you three or four new expressions related to a particular subject.

So enjoy, please share with your friends who might be interested in improving their English, contact me if you’d like to arrange a lesson and join the conversation.


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